Charter Spectrum: What does spectrum do?

Spectrum is a U.S.A. based telecommunication company. It is the fastest growing telecommunication company of great U.S.A. At the starting time in 1995 it was launched as named ‘Road Runner High Speed Online’. After a long time in 2012 it was branded as ‘Time Warner Cable Internet’. But finally on September 20, 2016 it was rebranded as ‘Spectrum Internet’. They are providing TV, Internet and Voice service in U.S.A. Spectrum is at the intersection of technology and entertainment, facilitating essential communications that is connecting about 24 million residential and business customers in 41 states.
What does spectrum do?
As Spectrum is a telecommunication company so definitely it provides telecommunication services. This company runs business providing the following services:
Spectrum Internet and Wi-Fi: Spectrum provides high speed internet service where their bandwidth starting at 100Mbps. With spectrum internet service customers can browse internet, stream videos, download files and many more activities related internet. They also provides free modem in home and business organizations so that customer can enjoy their service with different devices with high speed unlimited internet service. There are also available technical support team for 24*7 so that they can solve any problem within a very short time.
They have also other internet related services for business organizations as follows:
Ø  Reliable Cloud Backup station for storing important business data.
Ø  Internet Security for protecting different organization’s vital business data.
Ø  Static IP for different Industry who have own servers for any business reason.
Ø  Web Hosting for allowing any organization to make a bolder entrance in the cyber world.
Ø  Wi-Fi Solutions: Provides business Wi-Fi as well as private Wi-Fi for the employees and Spectrum Wi-Fi as well as a free Wi-Fi for the customers for keeping that organization safe. 
Ø  Fiber Internet: Provides Scalable high performance bandwidth for every need for different IT related organizations.
Spectrum TV: Spectrum always provides more advantage than any other providers with DVR service and instant access through the customer’s choice over thousands of movies and shows. If customers miss any program then they can catch up with Primetime on Demand. Customers can enjoy more than 170 live TV channels through spectrum TV application at any time in any place. Spectrum TV has both private and business services for their customers.
Spectrum voice: This is branded for spectrum’s landline telephone service. Spectrum provides unlimited local and long distance calling service which is very reliable to the customers with about 28 calling features like call waiting, call forwarding, free call to 421, voice mail, VIP ring, speed dial, call blocking etc. Spectrum has about 10 million customer on Spectrum voice service with both private and business service.
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