Dave and Buster’s Happy Hour & Game Prices

Dave and Buster’s Happy Hour

It’s a great opportunity for us if we can eat American good quality food, drink by ours choice and playing games in a largest arcade under one roof. But, surely it will be a happy time for us if we can eat and drink with a discount and playing unlimited games for an hour with only 10 bucks. And Dave and Buster’s is providing happy hours for the customers with these benefits.

Happy Hour after Work:         Mon – Fri        :           4:30 PM – 7:00 PM
Happy Hour Late Night:         Sun – Tue         :           10:00 PM – Midnight
Wed                :           10:00 PM – 2:00 AM
Thu                  :           10:00 PM – Midnight
Happy Hour Specials:             ½ Price Cocktails
                                                $1 off 22 OZ Drafts
                                                $1 off Wine glasses
                                                $3 off Wine Bottles
Note: Happy hour schedule time could be different in different places.
Dave and Buster’s Game Prices:

In Dave and Busters you don’t need to keep coins or tokens in your hand for playing games but you can play in such a digitalized way as with power cards. Power cards contains chips. When you recharge power card with dollar actually you get a number of chips in your card. Then you can play game with swiping card and paying differently for different games.

Charging list for power card:

48 Chips for $10 and additional 12 Chips for additional $2.
100 Chips for $20 and additional 25 Chips for additional $3.
135 Chips for $25 and additional 35 Chips for additional $4.
200 Chips for $35 and additional 50 Chips for additional $5.
300 Chips for $50 and additional 75 Chips for additional $6.
Mega Chips: 550 chips for $75 and 750 chips for $100.
Four Player package:
170 chips are in a $20 Card
250 chips are in a $35 Card
375 chips are in a $50 Card
Now 24 chips for $5 is available in all the locations of Dave and Buster’s.
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