Delaware North pay stubs

Normally Delaware North Companies pay to their employees weekly in Friday. They always pay for the previous week as Monday-Sunday. They send pay checks through the active mailing address of the employees. If there is any problem about changing mailing address then employees have to contact to the Human Resource department. There are also direct deposit payment system to the employee’s bank account.  In this system employees will also get a statement via mail of their pay check. But for this system it will take 1-2 pay cycles to deposit to the bank account and employee have to confirm to the company how he wants to get his payment.
Delaware North employee pay stubs online
If you are current employee, there is a people manager web-portalfor employees and associates of Delaware North companies. For logging in the site they have to have a user ID and password provided by the Delaware North staffing coordinator. When employees get the job then they get the employee user ID and password. Associates can get user ID and password through filling the contact us form of Delaware North.  Follow the step bu step information to access your pay stubs.
1.     Logging into Delaware North people manager web portal (see Resource)
2.     Enter your user ID and Password. You must enter your user ID in capital latter and your default password is your date of birth in MMDDYYY and last four digits of your social security number.
3.     Once logged in, click on View Paycheck under May Pay in the main manu of people manager home page.
4.     Select the paycheck you want view. their is check date, company name and pay period options.
5.     If you need assistance, you can use the Delaware north associate hotline number 1-800-441-5645. They can also call to the Human Resource Department hotline number 1-800-828-7240 for any problem.

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