Delaware North W2

Delaware North is one of the most primitive catering and hospitality organizations in the world. Now-a-days it is also largest and most appreciated company in this sector globally. From last more than 100 years they are providing different services in sports, travel hospitality, restaurants and catering, parks, resorts, gaming, retail industries, lodging, venue management and some special events. Read about Delaware North: What companies does Delaware North own? here.

However, all Delaware North and its associate companies W2’s will be mailed no later than January31st each year. If you want to recieve electronic copy of your year end tax statements, it is available on Tax Form Management website also known as W2 express.Don’t warry, W2Express is working with all the leading tax preparetion provider including Turbo Tax, Jacson hewitt, Complete Tax, Liberti Tax service etc. If you have used the Tax Form Management website in the past just login with your user ID and password. If you are new to this web site, you must complete the registration process in the following way-
1.     Go to the Tax Form Management webiste or W2 Express (See Resource)
2.     Enter your Employer registration passcode: Delaware North registration code is 12549
3.     Click here to login link in the Delaware North W2express home page.
4.     Enter your socia security number.
5.     Enter PIN number. Last four digits of SSN and year of birth.
6.     Complete the registration process with required informaton including personal information, security steps, change the default PIN etc.
7.     Once complete the registration process, login with SSN and PIN number.
8.     Select W-2 service and provide required information to consent for online delivery.
9.      Once available of your W2, you will recieve phone and email alart.

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