Delaware North: What companies does Delaware North own?

Delaware North is one of the most primitive catering and hospitality organizations in the world. Now-a-days it is also largest and most appreciated company in this sector globally. From last more than 100 years they are providing different services in sports, travel hospitality, restaurants and catering, parks, resorts, gaming, retail industries, lodging, venue management and some special events. They are providing special services in sports stadiums, entertainment complexes, national parks, airports and some premium restaurants and endemic casinos. Their annual revenue is about more than $3 billion providing service with 60,000+ employees. They are leading from the front in the whole world in this type of business sectors.
What companies does Delaware North own?
Delaware North Companies organized with almost 200 subsidiaries what are the privately owned holding companies. Some large companies of them are:
SportSystem Corporation
SportService Corporation as Gaming and Entertainment
DNC International
Parks and resorts
Patina restaurant group
Travel hospitality services
TD garden etc.
Sportsystem Corporation and Sportservice Corporation are the two largest subsidiary companies of Delaware North. And only Soprtsystem Corporation earns half of yearly revenue of Delaware North.

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