Does Papa John’s Pay for Gas?

Papa john’s International Inc. is an American International restaurant company. Their business is based on pizza service and pizza delivery. They have made a strong chain over the world with approximately 5000+ restaurants including 1600+ international restaurants in 45 countries. This is the 3rd top largest pizza chain company in United States. With the customer satisfaction voting system Papa john’s International Inc. is the 1st top company. They have started their journey in 1984 and in 2006 they have achieved a Guinness World Record (Consecutive seven time number one pizza company for able to satisfy their customers) with their service. This company’s slogan is “Better ingredients, Better pizza”.
Does Papa John’s Pay for Gas?

No, they don’t but tips per delivery.

For delivering the pizza at home, Papa John’s recruit owner car drivers with hourly wage. They will not pay for gas cost but they will pay an amount (15% of sale) as tips per delivery so that drivers can cover the driving expenses. With that company will provide wear and tear to the delivery drivers. When the delivery destination is far away and the tips don’t cover the expenses then employee can apply for more tips. Normally an experienced delivery driver always earn $12 to $15 per hour including tips after bearing delivery cost in Papa john’s Company.

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