Spectrum Internet and Wi-Fi Package

Spectrum provides high speed internet service where their bandwidth starting at 100Mbps. With spectrum internet service customers can browse internet, stream videos, download files and many more activities related internet. They also provides free modem in home and business organizations so that customer can enjoy their service with different devices with high speed unlimited internet service.

Private Package:
In private package Spectrum is providing high speed internet with enough bandwidth about 100 Mbps, so that whole family can take advantage with different devices using the free modem provided by the company. And in this package there is no data caps.
Price: $29.99 per month of 12 months when it is bundled for 1 year.

Business Package:
Internet Plus: 100 Mbps bandwidth is providing for this package. Approximately this package is 6x faster than any other providers. With this package there are some other free services as free web hosting, free domain name, and free email accounts.

This package will cost about $44.99 per month when it is bundled for 1 year.

Internet Pro: In this package organization can perform tasks on internet with 200 Mbps bandwidth internet which is almost 13x faster than other DSL internet. With this package organization can take free advantages as free cloud storage backup, free internet security solution and free modem for serving free Wi-Fi for the customers.

This package will cost about $99.99 per month for 1 year.

Internet Max: In this package there are about 300 Mbps internet bandwidth which is 20x faster than other networks. And organization can take extra advantage as like internet pro.

This package will cost about $139.99 per month for 1 year.
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