How to Make a Payment to Kaiser Permanente

There are different ways for Kaiser Permanente payment.

v  Online System: Through online with visiting and signing in kp.orgyou can view and pay your payment. For payment you can visit By this way you must sign in here with Member Id and Password. If you don’t have and you are the first time user then you have to registration for creating an account with proper information. Then you can pay your payment with a very secure way just following the instructions and proper information.
v  Mobile Application: You can view and pay bills through Kaiser Permanente mobile applications also. Signing in the application you can go to the payment option. Then for paying your payments or bills you have to just follow the instructions and provide proper information.
v  Via Mail: After getting and understanding your billing copy, you can send your payment with a return envelope.
v  Via Phone: You can also complete your payment with calling Kaiser Permanente payment hotline as 1-800-390-3507. This service is available for every weekdays starting from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. You can pay here through a credit or debit card.
N.B.For Kaiser Permanente payment you will need a billing copy and information about credit or debit card or bank account.

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