How to make an appointment at Kaiser Permanente

For taking any service as consulting or medical checkup or anything from Kaiser Permanente you have to make an appointment for that. You can make an appointment by three ways:
Via Phone: For making an appointment via phone call you can follow the provider directory. Otherwise you can call to member services at 1-888-901-4636. If you want to make an appointment with Kaiser Permanente specialist then you have to use the provider directory must and maximum time you will need a referral.
Via Online: If your appointment is not so argent then you can make that via online with Kaiser Permanente provider. In this case your appointment will be with primary care doctors, eye care doctors, physical therapist etc. If you have any problem with the appointment time then you can cancel. For making this appointment you have to visit the Kaiser Permanente website and have to register and login there. Then you can make an appointment with your own interested time.
Via Mobile application: You can also make an appointment with Kaiser Permanente Mobile application. For this process you have to install application and sign in there. Then you have to open the application and there you will be able to see appointments option. With that option you can make an appointment at your interested time.
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