How to pay at a sonic drive in point

Sonic drive-in is one of the renowned fast food restaurants in Oklahoma City in the great America. For more than 60 years Sonic has built a dominant position in the restaurant business. So if someone has been to a Sonic restaurant and feeling confused about their payment system then this article will help him definitely.
Sonic has some payment systems as follows:
Firstly, a customer can pay bill through cashdirectly to the account desk or to the server. This is called hand to hand payment system. If he has money in his pocket at the certain time then he can pay his bill by this way to a sonic server in that sonic point.
Secondly, there are Credit card or Debit card payment system. If someone doesn’t carry any money with him but keeps Credit card or Debit card then he can pay his bill to the counter with Credit card or Debit card. There is also usually accepted Visa card, Master card, American express and Discover all by any stall or point.
Thirdly, sonic has their own way for the regular customers as my sonic gift cards. For purchasing my sonic gif cards anyone can visit his local sonic point or stall and can call 877-828-7868  to this number also. For registering my sonic gift card anyone can visit their website ( and sign in there. For questions about my sonic gift card balance, refunds or other inquires he can call my sonic gift card response line at 877-828-7868.
Finally, any customer can pay his bill through cell phone. For this system he must need their mobile app. Because most Sonic Drive-Ins allows to pay bills through the Sonic Mobile App.
Note: After all there is not mentioned about tip for sonic carhops/servers. It doesn’t mean that they won’t take customer’s tip. Absolutely they will take. Thank you.