YPP Employee Login

YPP is a California based Human Resources Outsourcing and Consulting firm, Your People Professionals (“YPP”) has been delivering fully scalable human resources solutions to small and mid-sized businesses throughout California since 1984.

YPP Web Access: YPP Web Access will allow you to view your personal information, check stubs, and applicable benefits anytime and anywhere as long as you have internet access. The YPP Web Access system is a secure web portal that will keep all of your data encrypted.

HR Pyramid login: go to: https://www.hrpyramid.net/ypp and login with your username and password. New to the system, go to: https://www.hrpyramid.net/ypp/Registration and complete your Web Access Registration process. Be sure to create a unique user ID (This should not be as simple as ‘jsmith’ as your personal information will be accessible through this site.)

Prism HR: accessing pay stubs prism HR. Go to https://ypp.prismhr.com/ypp, the following screen will appear. Enter your existing EMPLOYEE username and password. If you have not changed your login from the default settings, your username is your SSN with the dashes and your password is the last four digits of your SSN.