Zydus Employee Login

Zydus Connect :If you are connected in Zydus network then type ZydusConnect in your web browser, if you are accessing it through internet then type www.zydusconnect.com in web browser and hit enter. Front page will display empty fields for entering User ID & Password. User ID would be your employee no. and for first-time users initial password would be zydus1. Please note that Internet accessibility of ZydusConnect will not be possible from Zydus network.

Once login you can check your attendance or leave/OD card from ZydusConnect> HRConnect by following this path: ZydusConnect>HRConnect>Attendance Details (or Leave/OD Details)>Attendance Card (or Leave/OD Card)

Other features are-

a. Advances & Expenses >> Your Outstanding Balance
b. Standard Forms >> Briefcase, LTC, Joining Expense & Vehicle expense Claim Forms
c. Taxation Forms >> Form No.16, Form No. 12BA and Help Guidelines
d. Utilities >> Birth Day List & Employee Search Options available
e. Mobile CUG Details >> Mobile CUG Information, Bill Summary & Transaction Ledger
f. Online Claims >> LTA & Uniform Purchase allowance Forms