AAFES Employee Login

The Self-Service Portal gives employees direct access to your personal payroll data via the internet. As well as employees can review, print, and save their latest pay stub or annual W2 tax form at their convenience from work or home. You can also-

Pay History-Paycheck

Leave Balance and History

Form W-2 information

To access your information on the Employee Self-Service Portal, from home or work:

Go to: https://myapps.aafes.com

 If you are a retirees go to https://retirees.aafes.com/

Login with the username and password.

Once you have logged in, the Home Page displays the Menu items available.

Each paystub is listed by the issue date and the W2 information is listed by the year. So you can be printed or saved as a pdf.

For assistance with your account or registration, contact your Payroll Administrator.