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Set up in 1976, Black Pepper has been making quality way of life casual clothing for ladies. Throughout the long term we are glad to have acquired the standing as the main casual clothing make

The PAS Group was set up in 2004. The gathering has dynamically obtained a differentiated arrangement of settled retail and discount brands as a component of our development technique. Subsequently, we are one of Australia’s biggest clothing organizations with an entrenched plan of action and stage, giving critical scale, foundation, and ability to boost openings.

The organization covers both the retail and discount portions of the market and has a quickly developing on the web business. Presently, we have 200+ retail locations across Australia and New Zealand.

The gathering at present utilizes in excess of 1,000 representatives across Australia and New Zealand, and we’re focused on supporting and building up our kin.

The PAS Group puts an elevated level of significance on social and moral consistence, and we go to incredible exertion to guarantee every one of our items are morally sourced and produced.

The organization conducts normal plant reviews, guaranteeing all providers are consistent with least principles (counting least wages, moral sourcing and manufacturing plant working conditions). On the off chance that we discover any proof of exploitative or resistance to least norms we make a move by stopping to submit future requests with that organization until they demonstrate their guidelines are at required levels. On the off chance that they neglect to demonstrate this, at that point we stop flexibly.

Dark Pepper is all around perceived and appreciates a clique following among the objective market. They create and utilize quality textures sourced worldwide to make a special quality article of clothing.

Dark Pepper as of now has 122 independent retail locations and an online store. The brand is sold across Australia and New Zealand.

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