Pasco County Schools Employee Login

Pasco County Schools (otherwise called District School Board of Pasco County) is a school region that serves Pasco County in the U.S. territory of Florida. It is settled in Land o’ Lakes. As of the 2017-18 school year, there were 84 schools in Pasco County Schools: 49 grade schools, 15 center schools, 14 secondary schools, 3 instructive focuses, 1 eSchool and 6 contract schools.

All representatives are urged to utilize MUNIS Self Services to survey your data. Over the long haul, Akron Public Schools will make different highlights of MUNIS Self Services accessible to build its utilization. If you have a W-2 created, it will show just in the PDF mode. On the off chance that your Social Security Number isn’t right on your W-2, kindly contact Human Resources. Kindly don’t email your Social Security Number.