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Since 1997, Passport Health Plan has worked intimately with nearby suppliers and network promoters to improve the Medicaid populace’s wellbeing results. Our arrangement has had a huge effect for our individuals and won us a spot as the top Medicaid plan in Kentucky by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) for 2016-17. As of now, we serve in excess of 320,000 individuals.

Visa is upheld by Molina Healthcare, established in 1980 with a mission to give quality medical care to the individuals who need it, regardless of their conditions. Today, Molina wellbeing plans serve 3,331,000 individuals the nation over through government-financed programs. Every day, we work to acquire the trust of our accomplices and individuals put in us so we can incline toward Molina.

Together, Passport Health Plan and Molina share a pledge to improving our individuals’ wellbeing and personal satisfaction over the Commonwealth of Kentucky.