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Kaiser Permanente Pay Stubs & W2

Now-a-days Kaiser Permanente is one of the leading not-for-profit health care planning organizations and serving their plan to approximately 11.7 million members in more than 600 places from 8 states in the great U.S.A. with more than 200k employees, 21k+ physicians, 54k+ nurses, 39 medical centers and more than 700 medical facilities. Kaiser Permanente rush to the people’s community and promote health and wellness for all.

There is a registration process on Kaiser Permanente website (WSSO) so that every employees have a profile with different organization related information as benefits and wellness, total compensation statement, payment, w2, career related jobs etc.

1.      For creating this profile you have to visit Kaiser Permanente’s HR information site as (See Resource)
2.      Then you have to click on sign on option. If you already have an account or profile then you can directly log in or sign on here with National User Id and Password.
3.      But if you are new here then you have to create your account and for this reason you have to click on Activate your account option. It is three steps: you have to follow the following instruction and provide valid information for creating new account.
4.      Enter your National User ID or user name and click on Continue. For your user name or NUID, please contact with your manager, it is provided by KP identity management system (KPIM).
5.      You will be asked to answer six security question in the second steps.
6.      Create a password in the final account activation process.
7.      Once you have active your account, just login with your user ID and WSSO password. Then your will be directed to your destination.

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