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Charter Spectrum Pay Stubs

According to Charter Spectrum company policy, each employee’s pay is direct deposited into bank account. The company pay their employees biweekly or twice in a month. Pay days are 10th and 25th of each month. They estimate salary with hourly payment system including commission and bonus based on performance for inspiring you. Company will keep your payment as one week in arrears. If you are new employee you will get your salary from second pay period after starting your job. Because this policy is biweekly and there is always remaining a week’s payment as arrear to the company. So it can be said that you will get your first salary within minimum three weeks and maximum 4 weeks and after that you will get regularly as biweekly.
Printing your Paystub

ADP employee self-service allows you to view your pay statement and view them. The instruction below provide you to access pay statement at anytime from anywhere.

1.       If you are new user, you have to registration into ADP portal (see Resource). If you are returning user, you have to signing with your user ID and password. Your user ID is your 1st initial and last name @twcable.
2.      Click on the Register Now link.
3.      Enter your Registration passcode (receive with appointment package, if not ask your payroll office)
4.      You have to click on Yes to create account.
5.      Verify your identity by entering your name, SSN.
6.      Complete the captcha challenge.
7.       You have to enter contact information in this steps.
8.      Establish a password and confirm your password.
9.      Select security questions and answers.
10.  Once completed, login with your user and password and select Pay statement.
11.  For more help, contact with your payroll office.
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